Find your Hammer, Tell your Story.

The core of any problem is making sure it is the right one. What I do as part Brand Consultant and Strategist is to identify unseen tension points. I do this by helping your teams identify truths from the lenses of the brand, user, culture, and industry. It has been a passion of mine to work with start-ups.  My education and experience have led me here; with a hammer, a purpose, and a mission to build authentic stories for start-ups and brands.
Core values I bring are imagination, storytelling, and empathy. It is through storytelling, whether spoken or written, I use words to inspire, imagine, and identify opportunities.


Joe provided insights about our growing brand, and the market that it serves, with an astonishing amount of detail. It gave us a lot of ideas about how to position our brand visually and in our communication, and we’ve seen great results from many of his recommendations.

Ronak Patel, CEO of Code and Quill


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